Bloom Where You Are Planted

“The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day.”

Author Unknown

I am always fascinated when I come across a beautiful flower that has found its way through a paper thin crack in the sidewalk. Its beautiful blooms display strength and perseverance. It exemplifies the challenges it must face in order to find its way beyond the concrete, into the light and to a place for all to see and admire. It is the perfect visual example of what it means to bloom where you are planted.

We’ve all heard the quote, but what does it really mean?

As I searched for the answer to this question, I came across many different factors in the definition. From capitalizing on your talents and gifts to keeping your dreams alive. They all, however, pointed to a single belief. If we are to bloom where we are planted, we first must accept where we are in life and make the most out of it.

The concept sounds simple in words, but the simplicity quickly fades once we try to apply it to our everyday lives. Making the most out of every day feels simple when life is going great. During those times when our health is good, finances are great and there doesn’t seem to be a care in the world. These are the times when blooming comes easily.

Blooming when you have been planted in concrete is much more challenging. We all have our own concrete that we must deal with. Whether it is a debilitating health issue, a difficult relationship or a challenging work environment. Whatever the difficulty, finding and making the most out of every situation is not always an easy thing to do.

In all honesty, there are times when I simply do not feel like blooming. Blooming is hard. Blooming takes work. Blooming requires me to make the most out of difficult situations and move on with life. Sometimes, it just feels easier to wither and become dissatisfied with life.

One of my favorite pastimes is reading. I love to browse used books stores and admit that I have purchased books, on more than one occasion, simply because I am drawn to the cover.

Flash the Donkey by Rachel Anne Ridge is my most current read. The cover drew me in but the story opened my eyes. The author is candid as she shares the difficult parts of her life. She found a homeless donkey and welcomed him into her heart and home. Through him she learned many wonderful life lessons. One of which was to bloom where she was planted. A lesson she desperately needed to learn.

Flash had a daily routine that he followed like clockwork. From waking every morning underneath the cedar trees, to taking a dirt bath in his favorite roll spot, to socializing with the horse friends across the fence. He was happy and content, no matter what life brought his way.

Even in the midst of a severe drought, when all of the lush green of his pasture was gone, he still found happiness with his daily routine. Even though his grass was no longer green it was still good for eating. Even though the ground was extra dusty it was still good for rolling. Even though the sun was miserably hot, he still found time to visit with his horse friends across the fence. Flash found his very own way to bloom where he was planted even though he was surrounded by circumstances that could have easily damped his spirit.

How many times have you fallen prey to the "even though" moments in your life? How often have you chosen not to bloom?

When we consider our options, we can either be weighed down by the concrete in our lives or we can find a way to bloom despite our circumstances. As with most things, the choice, perspective and decision to wither or bloom is entirely ours. For myself, I choose to bloom.

To bloom, we need to accept where we are in life. Our current situations may not be ideal, but they are stepping stones to our next adventure in life. The difficulties we experience now are giving us life lessons for the future. Our destiny is not determined by our current circumstances and because of that we can choose to be happy.

We can choose to bloom by not complaining. Although our situations may not be perfect, we have the power to decide what we can or cannot change. If it is something that we can’t change, we must learn to rise above it. What we tend to focus on is what we can easily become. Choose to focus on the positive rather than complaining about the negative.

Be a blessing to others! Take the focus off of yourself and direct a positive outlook to someone else. It’s amazing how such a simple action can change an entire perspective. Life somehow blooms when you bring happiness to others.

Bloom where you are planted!

Even if you find yourself planted underneath a concrete slab, look for the crack and find your way out. Focus on the positive and make the most out of every day. We all have the power to be a blessing to others. Discover what inspires you and bloom exactly where you are planted!

Community Question

What can you do today to be a blessing to others? What can you do today to bloom?

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